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About Us

Our Purpose

We are a Christian-based dance studio with a mission to offer dance classes that not only teach proper technique and self-confidence but are also fun, encouraging, and centered around Christ.

Our aim is to deliver quality dance instruction while fostering a lifestyle that is pleasing to God. We are committed to nurturing love, compassion, modesty, perseverance, positivity, and teamwork.

Our aspiration is for our dancers to not only acquire proper dance skills but also to go forth and manifest God's love through dance within our community.

We hold the conviction that, irrespective of one's level of dance experience or physical limitations, everyone has the potential to learn to move and dance in a manner that is deemed beautiful by the Lord.

Why Choose Us?
Technical Training
We strive to give the best classes in dance instruction. We offer a variety of classes to train our dancers in the disciplines of dance. Our staff will only consist of those that are highly trained in dance, but whose desire it is to mentor our young dancers in Godly character.
Christian Environment
We strive to encourage Godly character in each student. We believe using modest costumes dance classes, as well as performances. We promote only using Christian music to dance to, as well as only using appropriate movements. Rather than creating an atmosphere of competition and comparison, we believe in fostering attitudes of unity and teamwork. 
Class Size
We believe in only allowing a limited number of students in each class. We love the personal level we are able to bond with our students and their families that allows us to be a "dance family".  By limiting the number of students in each class, this allows for our students to recieve the attention they need to progress as a dancer and provides a safer atmoshpere for each student.
Rather than always receiving, we want to pour out and give. We believe in going out as a team to serve our local community and point others to Christ. We plan to do this through literal acts of service, but also through our performance company. We believe dance can be used as a powerful tool of visual expression. Though we may not be speaking audibly, we can speak through our movements. At In the River Dance Studio, our desire is that our movements and dances, would speak and declare the greatness of the Lord. As it states in Psalm 149:3, "Let them praise His name in the dance." 

About Our Owner

  • Danielle has over 20 years of dancing experience. 

  • She is a certified teacher and has been rated "highly effective"

  • She is experienced with teaching special needs youth

  • A member of the international collective, "Movement in Worship"

My Story

Why I formed In the River Dance Studio

My Favorite Verse" But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light"

-1 Pet. 2:9

IMG_4648 (2).JPG
Danielle Clayton
Disciple of Jesus, teacher, worshiper, mother

I have been involved with dance my entire life. I began to dance at the age of 2 and at a young age became involved in competitive dance. As a competitive dancer, I won numerous awards. on the state and national level. 


Upon graduation, I began to teach dance to young girls at my church, and was the dance sponsor at school. I taught in the public school system for many years but, at the beginning of 2018, the Lord put it upon my heart to open a Christian dance studio. I wanted to create a place where not only can young girls learn the skills and proper technique of dance, but where parents would not have to be concerned about the music selection, costume selection, or movements their children would be doing.  Also, a place where children could learn creativity, develop self confidence, and self-discipline in a positive and uplifting setting, where the Lord could be glorified. 

I am so thrilled to be on this adventure, and we would look forward to you joining us on this journey!

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