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Dance Classes

Our dance classes are designed to teach the proper technique, while having fun and honoring the Lord. We believe in starting each class with prayer.

Preschool Ballet
For ages 2-4. 
Our preschool ballet class is designed to introduce young children to the fundamentals of ballet in a fun and engaging way. Through creative movement and imaginative play, children will develop coordination, balance, and flexibility while also building confidence and social skills. Our instructors provide a nurturing and supportive environment where children can explore their creativity and love for dance. We move using imaginative props, fun music, free dance, and creative stories while teaching the elements of ballet in a fun way. 

Pre Ballet and Pre ballet and Tap Combo
For ages 4-6
Pre-ballet classes are designed for young children who are interested in learning the basics of ballet. In these classes, children will learn the fundamentals of ballet technique, including posture, alignment, and coordination. Through fun and engaging exercises, children will develop their strength, flexibility, and musicality, while also building their confidence and creativity. Join us for a fun and rewarding introduction to the world of ballet!

 Ballet 1 Class
Level 1 (Ages 7-9 | Beginner level ballet class with 1 year or less of ballet 1 experience)
Our Ballet 1 class is perfect for beginners who want to learn the fundamentals ballet. In this class, you will learn basic ballet positions, movements, and terminology. Our experienced instructors will guide you through each step helping you to improve your technique and build your confidence. Join us for a fun and challenging class that will help you develop your skills and love for ballet.

 Ballet 2 Class
Level 2 (Ages 8-10|Beginner to intermediate level ballet class, following the completion of Ballet 1 class.
Ballet 2 is designed for students who have completed Ballet 1 or have equivalent experience. In this class, students will continue to build on the fundamentals of ballet technique, including proper alignment, turnout, and musicality. Students will also begin to learn complex combinations and movements, preparing them for more advanced levels of ballet.

Ballet 3 Class

Level 3 (Ages 10 and up-Intermediate level ballet class, following the completion of Ballet 2 class.
Ballet 3 is designed for intermediate dancers who have a solid foundation in ballet technique. This class will focus on refining technique, increasing strength and flexibility, and developing artistry. Students will learn more complex combinations and work on mastering pirouettes, jumps, and adagio movements. Join us for a challenging and rewarding class that will take your ballet skills to the next level.

Jazz and Tap Combo Class
Pre/Jazz (Ages 4-6)
Jazz/tap Level 1 (Ages 7-10 Beginner Level)
Jazz/Tap Level 2 (Ages 9 and up, or following completion of Level 1 Jazz or tap class)

In Jazz classes, students concentrate on enhancing their performance abilities and memorizing choreography. Each session includes warm-ups, flexibility exercises, isolations, floor progressions, and dance routines. Our Jazz dance classes offer an ideal opportunity to groove to the rhythm! They are designed for everyone, from beginners to seasoned dancers, providing a fun way to refine your dancing skills. and have a great doing it!
In tap class, we concentrate on rhythm and musicality through center floor exercises, across-the-floor progressions, and choreography. It's enjoyable to produce distinct tap sounds that reflect or complement the music to which we tap.

Ages 8 and up
Welcome to our Lyrical Dance class! This class combines the grace and fluidity of ballet with the expressiveness of contemporary dance. Our experienced instructors will guide you through a of movements that will help you connect with the music and express yourself through dance. Join us and discover the beauty of lyrical dance!

Bebop Dance Class
Ages 6 and up

Welcome to our Bebop Dance Class. Our class is designed for dancers of all levels who want to learn the fundamentals of Bebop dance. In this class, you will learn the basic steps, techniques, and rhythms of Bebop dance, as well as how to incorporate your own style and personality into your movements.  Join us today and let's dance to the rhythm Bebop!


Performance Company-Grace

Ages 6 and Up

Mini- 6-7 years old

Junior-8-10 years old or 2 or more years dance experience

Teen-11 and up or 3 or more years dance experience

Leadership Class

Ages 10 and up

This class is designed for dancers aspiring to become leaders or dance instructors. It emphasizes biblical teachings, leadership development, and hands-on dance training. In this class, you will learn the fundamentals of teaching dance, including choreography, lesson planning, and effective communication with students. Participants will be expected to assist in teaching dance classes, lead sessions, develop lesson plans, and engage in weekly Bible studies. (This class is FREE, as long as students are assisting in teaching once per week) Class assistant teaching assignments will rotate throughout the year.


You can find out more about the mission of our Grace Dance Company here

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