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Grace Dance Company

The heart of the studio is the Grace Christian Dance Company.  This company is perfect for dancers 5 and up that are committed to growing their dance training and who have a heart to use dance for a "greater purpose". These dancers seek to use the language of dance to share love, joy, peace, and inspire those who watch.

Those who are trained as a part of the company, have the opportunity to participate and dance in events not otherwise part of our regularly scheduled dance events.  We plan various Fall and Spring Community performances at: nursing homes, churches, festivals, schools, and other various community performances. 

Special out of town events- Revolution Dance and other showcases

Our dancers will also have the opportunity to attend a Company retreat and have guest teachers.

Every dancer part of the Company will be inspired to know they have a gift, the gift of dance, that can be used to encourage others. 

  We believe as we lift Jesus up, others will be drawn to Him and be able to experience His love, joy, and peace.

Contact us today if you would like to be part of our Grace Dance Company!


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